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The magic of yin and yang in AcroYoga

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

How is your life balanced? Are you very calm and yin? Or mostly active and yang?

In AcroYoga we play with both. That’s one of the reasons why we love it so much: it’s complete (in our opinion). It has the acrobatic side, which we call solar (yang). And the therapeutic side, which we call lunar (yin).

Just like in yin or yang yoga.


Solar refers to the sun, which energizes and helps all living things to grow. This is yang. It’s (high) energy. This element makes you stronger, fitter and more flexible. It gets you in a playful mood, connects you with others, lifts you up.


The other side is yin, moon, feminine, whatever you like to call it. It calms you down, nurtures your body and mind. It helps you turn inward and connect to yourself.

Like the moon, which keeps the earth balanced, the #lunar side of AcroYoga keeps our body and mind balanced.

After acrobatic play, a massage or therapeutic flight helps to rejuvenate our body. It becomes easier to feel what’s present for you. And what needs attention and care.

Which side do you prefer?

Some people feel more connected to the solar side of AcroYoga, some prefer the lunar side. In this way, AcroYoga can reflect your life. You might feel drawn to more yin or yang in your life as well.