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  • Roald

The thing that made me fall in love with AcroYoga

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When I first encountered AcroYoga, I had been doing acrobatics for about 5 years already, and was very excited about my new passion.

I wanted to perform on stage, learn all kinds of circus disciplines and get real good at acrobatic tricks and flows.

Yet something was still missing, I just wasn’t really aware of what it was.

I liked the acrobatics community, the people were fun to hang out with and very nice.

So nothing wrong there...

But I had also started a therapeutic massage education, and in that, experienced a depth of touch and connection that I didn’t find anywhere else.

Then one day

Some of my acrobat friends told me how they had done a teacher training with the "AcroYoga" school, and "if I was interested in trying it out?"

Of course, I joined them in a small circle, and had my very first therapeutic flight, and my first time doing partner stretches, and my first Thai massage. I loved it!

On a technical level it felt very easy, but on an emotional level, this felt like such a nourishing way to connect to others.

The atmosphere was friendly, happy and loving, and we had a great time together.

It was like finally my acrobatic practice became whole and complete.