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Upcoming Events
AcroYoga Coaching Nights
Tue, Jan 21
Lou Oudenoord
Jan 21, 7:00 PM – Mar 03, 10:00 PM
Lou Oudenoord, Oudenoord 330, 3513 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
These evenings are for you if you want to stay (or get) connected to your AcroYoga tribe, learn as part of a dedicated group, spend a full evening practicing and getting coached on exactly what you want. Get to your next level in AcroYoga!
You've got the funk! AcroYoga workshops on all levels
Sat, Mar 07
Lou Oudenoord
Mar 07, 2:30 PM – Mar 08, 6:00 PM
Lou Oudenoord, Oudenoord 330, 3513 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
We will teach you a combination of all the flowy funky stuff we love, inspired by our favorite teachers and mixed with our own creations. After the workshops there will be a potluck, JAM & guided Thai massage flow.
3-month AcroYoga Adventure - Intermediate/Advanced Ninja Skills
Mon, Mar 09
Lou Oudenoord
Mar 09, 7:00 PM – Jun 01, 10:00 PM
Lou Oudenoord, Oudenoord 330, 3513 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
You're already experienced in AcroYoga and craving for more. You want to take your skills to the next level with structured training and detailed feedback. Then join us, get inspired and become part of a loving & supportive community where you can connect, play and grow!
3-month AcroYoga Adventure level 2 - Intermediate Monkey Play
Tue, Mar 10
Mar 10, 7:00 PM – Jun 10, 10:00 PM
LOU , Oudenoord 330, Utrecht
Already Acro-dicted and up for more? Do you want to upgrade your flying and basing skills big time? Let’s gather with a tribe of playful Acro-loving monkeys who are ready to go… Dive in deep and level up!
3-month AcroYoga Adventure level 1 - The Foundation
Wed, Mar 11
Lou Oudenoord
Mar 11, 7:00 PM – May 27, 10:00 PM
Lou Oudenoord, Oudenoord 340, 3513 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
Did you recently discover AcroYoga and are you already hooked? Do you want to learn everything about how to be a balanced flyer and/or steady base? Then this adventure is for you! We’ve created a three-month AcroYoga course for those who are committed to playful greatness ;)
Monthly AcroYoga JAMS: the Ninja edition
Sun, Feb 23
Lou Oudenoord
Feb 23, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Lou Oudenoord, Oudenoord 330, 3513 EX Utrecht, Netherlands
Step up your AcroYoga game with all the essential strength elements. During this JAM we will play acro till sunset AND unravel the secrets about how to become a kick ass AcroYogi ninja ;) Are you ready (strike a pose & scream!)?

About Playful People Tribe

Our mission is to immerse the world in playfulness and connection. Inspire you to be like a child again.
To live in the moment. Play. Connect.
We believe this is what the world needs.



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