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Our mission

Surrender to play, play to surrender

Our mission is to bring you back to your natural state of being: Playful, innocent, authentic and connected.

We want to inspire you to feel like a child again.

To live in the moment. Play and connect.

We believe this is what the world needs.

So come play with our tribe, in this magical forest of experiences. Blending Acrobatics, Yoga and Thai Massage, we can transform into a folded leaf, a high or low bird, a monkey-frog, a mermaid or koala.


While you grow a strong and flexible body,

you'll grow your confidence as well.

Be nourished, both physically and emotionally. 

And gain a sense of belonging:

Be part of a playful tribe of authentic people.

Discover what your body is capable of, conquer your fears and build trust. Forget about yesterday. Forget about tomorrow. Just play, today. And let your childlike heart pound with enthusiasm.

This is how we will secretly transform the world


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