Liselot Pluister (31)

This adventure inspired me to become an AcroYoga teacher for kids, made me part of a community and gave me a new passion.

The classes are fun, diverse and well composed, there's attention for your state of being and space for being yourself.


Roald and Marijke challenge you in a playful, professional and inspiring way. I also found them loving, caring, playful and clear in instructions and tips. In one word: Awesome! 

Otto Baart (28)

The AcroYoga Adventure gave me the possibility to create a mindful connection with others in a playful setting. After the first class everybody gave each other a warm hug: I felt like I knew everybody already. 


After the course I feel way more ‘in my body’. My partner and me have a strong foundation now. Movement has become kind a healthy addiction, instead of a drag. 


I gained a lot of flexibility, strength to fly anybody and a yearning to keep improving my handstands! But the course is about so much more then physical improving. It’s about connection, trust and feeling free. I’m very grateful for finding this passion. 

Else Schenkeveld (32)

Becoming stronger en lighter at the same time while playing is great! I learned a lot by practice, repetition and playing. I am more in touch with my body en that provides trust and fun. I love standing on my head, making headrolls and lifting people.


Every week is a moment for connection with body and mind. You can play as much as a child when you're an adult. Life is one big game, enjoy it! This is the message I will take home with me from this course. I feel very grateful. Roald and Marijke are in my heart.

Lex Lissauer (60)

I’m at least 25 years older than most other people that joined the AcroYoga Adventure and usually not good with groups. People often find me weird, because I don’t stick to the unwritten social rules. So I didn’t have very positive expectations about if I would fit in. 


To my surprise and joy, me being different was no issue at all. I felt connected to everyone and part of the group all the time. I think that is partly because Roald understands the art of creating an atmosphere of solidarity and trust in a group. Marijke is also a contagious example of openness. 


It is both touching and painful to realize that the connection and love that originated and stayed in those twelve weeks is so natural and so rare in daily (my) life. Oh, and yes: I have also become better at AcroYoga.

Hadewig Boerman (28 )

The AcroYoga Adventure helped me to open myself for the different energies of people and find more connection with myself, by playing with each other and getting into my body. It also taught me to be soft towards myself and set my boundaries. You discover new layers of yourself in a light hearted way. And the vibe in the group was great!


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