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How these 3 AcroYoga poses make you healthier

AcroYoga is healthy for body & mind in many ways. It releases stress, makes you strong and flexible and stimulates the cuddle hormone oxytocin, to mention a few. But every individual pose has a specific effect as well. These 3 poses for instance ease back pain and increase detoxification, amongst many other benefits.

1. Folded leaf

Science shows that human touch can be immensely beneficial to our wellbeing. It creates safety and trust, calms cardiovascular stress and triggers the release of oxytocin.

In the folded leaf pose, like in any other yin pose in AcroYoga, you give and receive loving touch. So all the things stated above apply!

Besides that, you’re hanging upside down, decompressing your whole spine. A very welcome treat for the heavy load that it carries all day. Also: the feeling of being carried can be very nourishing.

Folded leaf also helps to open up the hips and the lower back, due to the pressure from the base’s feet on the muscles around your hip.

At the same time, this pressure creates a blood stop, a method well known in Thai massage. A blood stop helps blood circulation, which transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

Plus, the base receives a nice hamstring stretch, while keeping the stability by working the core muscles. Need I say more?

2. Back leaf

Back bends can relieve back pain, like for instance the discomfort caused by working behind a desk. They're a welcome counter pose to sitting in a chair.

But back bends can also be very exhausting and challenging to perform. And then the back leaf comes in handy.

In this pose, you’re hanging in a back bend on your bases’ feet and hands, which means you don’t have to hold yourself up. It’s much easier to relax.

The base can practice giving trust by moving slowly and being steady. And it’s a good workout for the muscles in the legs and wrists (keep pushing your hands upwards to protect them).

3. Star

This pose is quite complex to master, but super fun to practice! It requires real teamwork, because if you’re not in tune with each other, it's hard to get there.

Star strengthens your upper body: arms, shoulders and core. Because you’re upside down, it also stimulates lymphatic flow and helps to detoxify your body.

And last but not least: it strengthens your breathing system, due to gravity pushing your intestines down. In the long run, this will help you to breathe more efficiently.

Read more about why being upside down is good for you in this blog.

AcroYoga is even more fun now you know how beneficial the poses can be, right? Maybe you've already encountered certain benefits with these or other poses yourself. I'd love to hear what effect they have on you. Please share in the comments below!



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