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Why being upside down is good for you

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Inversions are an important part of AcroYoga & we love them!

#Headstand, Fore Arm Stand, #Handstand: being upside down literally

gives you a new perspective,

challenging your body to find balance and stability.

Also, it keeps your brain ‘flexible’ by adding new movement patterns.

Inversions are fun!

Practicing #inversions regularly helps to build confidence and,

if you can enjoy the process, it's a lot of fun!

So it's about enjoying where you already are,

instead of focusing on what you have yet to accomplish.

More benefits

√ They strengthen the upper body: arms, shoulders and core,

which is super helpful for your AcroYoga practice!

√ There is evidence that #headstands can facilitate/stimulate lymphatic flow

and help detoxify your body.

A properly working lymphatic system helps prevent chronic inflammation,

which is an underlying cause of many major diseases.

√ Gravity pushes the intestines down.

Your breathing system has to work harder to get oxygen,

because it pushes against the weight of your organs when you inhale.

This strengthens the breathing system and helps to breathe more efficiently.

So what are you waiting for?

Kick your legs up in the air!

Doing inversions with this knowledge makes it even more fun.

Below you'll find instructional videos for Acroyoga inversions,

starting from a shoulder stand for beginners and ending in

a mono limb shoulder stand (on one arm) for advanced AcroYogis!

Check out the shoulder stands:

Regular & free variations

Needle & jump into Free Shoulder stand

Mono limb

Find a friend and maybe a spotter (always play safe!),

have fun, and if you feel like sharing your progress with us:

upload your video to our Facebook page.


Marijke & Roald

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