5 communication tips to improve your AcroYoga practice

Communicating in a clear & loving way is super valuable when it comes to AcroYoga. And yes: when it comes to being a human being too! So how can you upgrade your communication skills? And in which way do they improve your AcroYoga practice?(and life ;) )

1. Practice 3 rounds without words

You just saw an amazing AcroYoga flow on YouTube and want to practice it with your partner. You watch it together and give it a shot.

After one round you both have your feedback ready:

“You should bend your leg more”

“You should straighten your arms”

“I need more support here”

“You didn’t catch me there”

After exchanging feedback you try it again, but now you have so many guidelines to focus on that you start to overthink. And that’s not helping at all. Sound familiar?

Here’s what to do:

Try three rounds without speaking.

You always need to warm up, tune in to each other and let your body get used to new movements. It’s called calibrating ;) Besides, your partner probably already feels what he or she can improve.

So before you mention all the things that could be better, give yourself and your buddy some space. Let it fail. Trust the process. And then give each other some feedback.

2. Mention what’s going right

Besides giving compliments on a regular basis, it’s really smart to mention something that’s going right before giving feedback to improve a certain skill.

Yes, just like the good old sandwich method. Only instead of three layers: praise - feedback to improve - praise, I believe two is enough during AcroYoga. We are training and don’t want to overdo it ;)

So: praise - feedback to improve (butter + peanut butter, without cucumber ;)).

Why? Because you want to empower your partner. An empowered person is not only a happier AcroYogi, a positive mindset will help improve your skills sky-high!

Just think of your base or flyer only mentioning what you can improve and forgetting that there are loads of things going super well. Usually, it’s not very uplifting...

So whenever you see everything that’s ‘going wrong’ and can’t wait to give your partner feedback on how to improve, just take a deep breath.


And shift your attention to what’s going well. Also: remember where your partner and you as an AcroYoga couple came from! Remember the time when a Front Bird felt super wobbly, or you couldn’t jump into a Star? Or just a few rounds ago, when the trick didn’t work at all?

Look at where you are now.

Focus on how you have improved. Mention the progress.

Especially when you’re training often and getting better at AcroYoga, you can get the tendency to only focus on improvement.

But it’s about the journey, not the destination, remember?

3. Ask for what you need

“You bent your arms”

“You didn’t catch my foot on time”

“You're arching your body a lot”