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Why an AcroYoga Adventure might (or might not!) be for you

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Three years ago, Marijke and me created Playful People Tribe and our 3-month AcroYoga Adventures as a way to inspire people to take this practice and make it part of their daily lives.

Though many people love it, AcroYoga -and the Adventure- is not for everybody. So how do you know if an immersion such as this is the right fit for you?

Read on to find out...

The human need for touch and connection

We love human connection so much that we even made it one of our prereqs!

Of course, this is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it has a core of truth: we understand and love the value of having warm connections with other people in our lives.

In our courses, we aim to melt away the resistance to touching strangers, and relax in its naturalness.

If you’re open to feel more deeply connected to others in a safe and playful space, that’s what we aim to provide.

On the other hand: if the idea of massage, touch and hugs sends shivers down your spine (the unpleasant ones I mean), then this might not be your cup of tea.

Discovering the depth of what AcroYoga has to offer

The acrobatic part of AcroYoga is so much fun that you can spend a lifetime exploring and never get bored. Which is totally great!

But if you want to explore the fullness of the practice, -beyond the awesome tricks and flows- immersing yourself into it will let you experience that.

This is where therapeutic flying becomes an experience of being in weightless and timeless surrender, a practice of trust and letting go.

In here, Thai Massage shows its healing properties, reflecting how your mind and body are interwoven, and showing you where you can open up to life more fully.

This is the place where a group of strangers turns into a community of friends and a place of belonging.

Now on the other hand, perhaps your main focus is to get really good at acrobatics, or maybe you’ve found all your acro friends already.

Then by all means, skip anything that feels unnecessary for you and have a blast! We’ll meet you in the park :)

A regular practice to experience more fun, creativity and fulfillment

Most of us have a sense of things that would really serve us, and most of us have a hard time implementing these things into our lives.

“Old habits die hard”, they say. Especially when you’re in an environment that doesn’t support new and more nourishing habits.

It’s great to be part of a group or program that invites you into the kind of life you’d envision for yourself. A community that supports you to take great care of yourself, be who you are, and gives you permission to be true to yourself.

Playful People Tribe aims to be that place where, yes, you learn awesome new tricks, flows and handstands, but where you’re also inspired to be more of who you really are.

And how would it be to then create your life from that space?

Becoming flexible and fit while having fun

Oftentimes when doing acro, you have so much fun that you forget about time, and you don’t realize how much you’re moving your body. Until the next day, that is… ;)

But even then, your sore body is just a reminder of how much you played, and it shows you that playfulness can get you really fit!

To be honest, you don’t need our AcroYoga course to play until you drop.

But it sure will add to the fun :)

Finding new friends and a new community with a shared passion

I mentioned it already: diving into a longer lasting experience of AcroYoga will open your world to lots of potential new friends, and a vibrant, open and welcoming community of like-minded souls.

AcroYoga festivals, weekend workshops and retreats are all different avenues to explore, and we highly recommend them! We love adding our flavor to the mix by offering a 3-month Adventure, in which you get to become part of each other’s lives, and maybe even make friends for life.

Feeling at home in your own skin and in the world

What I’ve personally learned, having had anxiety and depression for quite some years of my life, is that it’s the mind that creates most of our problems.

And that most of our problems are imaginary.

Which doesn’t make them feel less real, unfortunately.

The value of a physical practice is not to be underestimated, because it takes us out of our mindtwists.

If you’ve ever followed an AcroYoga class, you know how much difference a few hours can make for your wellbeing.

The connection with others, getting into your body and working it, playing around, laughing and being silly: it all takes you out of your mind and into the NOW.

Which is the happiest, most peaceful and only real place to be.

By bringing a holistic and physical practice like AcroYoga into your life, you’ll feel more at home in your own skin, and therefore in the world.

And that makes a world of difference!

I hope this blog has helped you to get a better feel for what we do.

If reading about an experience like this excites you, we warmly invite you to join us for our next course coming up!



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