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Create your own AcroYoga flow

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hooray! I’ve been accepted to the AcroYoga Montreal teacher training this October and I’m super excited about it! Montreal style & philosophy is a lot about flow & creativity. Aspects of AcroYoga that I love a lot and stimulate during our classes. Why? I'll tell you all about it in this blog.

Oh, how I always love the last class of our courses! Our students work up to a short AcroYoga performance with groups of four people. We give them a theme, object, and prerequisite. Like: Atlantis, a fan and a maximum of two feet on the floor at all times. During the last class, they share their creations.

It's always very inspiring to see how much fun everybody has in creating together and showing what they've learned during the course. Even the students who feel like performing isn't "their thing", experience the joy of expressing, teamwork, and not taking themselves too seriously. You don't have to have a high acrobatic level to show something funny or beautiful.

The idea of letting students perform comes from our friend Inez Almeida, an AcroYoga teacher and dancer. She followed an AcroYoga Montreal teacher training, where you also work towards a performance. This is how I got inspired to follow the training myself. Creating is expressing yourself. It can bring you into "the now", into "flow". Creating together adds connection to the recipe.

The founders of AcroYoga Montreal are acrobatic dancers, who blended their skills with yoga philosophy and create very unique flows together. This is one of their flows I had to familiarize myself with before starting the teacher training:

It's a very different style than the standing acrobatics, AcroYoga washing machines, and dynamic stuff like pops and whips. What I find amazing is that AcroYogis all around the globe invent the most beautiful, crazy, and amazing tricks & flows. And they share it through social media or during workshops.

You can mix and mingle it and create your own flow, with bits and pieces of creations from all around the world. So in a way: we’re actually creating together on a global level!

And on top of that, there’s this whole new realm to dive into: your own creativity! Because you can ALSO create your own tricks, poses, and transitions & put them together in a unique flow. Creating is endless: pure magic!

Feeling excited? You can start right now! And if you're joining one of our courses in October, we'll definitely invite you to connect to your own flow & creativity. Can't wait to share everything I've learned from the teacher training. 



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