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5 AcroYoga instagram accounts worth following

Updated: May 2, 2022

With all the AcroYogis in the world creating amazing tricks, flows and washing machines AND instagram to share it all: the creativity and inspiration is endless….

Here are 5 instagram accounts that are worth following.

1. Flutuante

This group of AcroYoga teachers from Brazil shares amazingly flowy & dynamic stuff, often with jaw dropping backdrops. They share new posts very often, so it's worth checking out every week. Tip: scroll down for the older posts, they are the most impressive.

2. Jacob Brown & Debbie Collins

If you were at the Dutch AcroYoga festival this summer you might have had the privilege to join one of their workshops. This super cute & famous couple from Oregon creates super spinny, advanced washing machines and are amazing at standing acrobatics & dynamic stuff (whip-pops) too! They both have an account and share different things there.

3. VanCityAcro

These AcroYogis score high on creativity and share a lot of similar size flows with graceful man basing and flying. Definitely worth checking out if you are a hybrid and like to try out funky things.

4. Dasha Kalinikina

This ladybase from Siberia has interesting, challenging flows to share, like mono foot to foot entrees and transitions in which the flyer doesn’t use any hands. Tricks for the unscared ;)

5. Ladybase

Another ladybase! Who is famous by the name ladybase ;) You’ve got to love her creations: challenging, flowy and creative. Melanie is from Vancouver, but she also travels around. If she’s in town, don’t miss the opportunity to follow a workshop. Until then you can try out stuff from her account.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you'll get inspired and please share any accounts that you think are amazing!



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