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5 Benefits of doing AcroYoga

AcroYoga is fun to do, but there's so much more to it!

In today's blog, I'll share 5 benefits of this practice that you'll naturally experience as you dive in deeper.

It's a great way to forge deeper connections for instance, a super fun way to get fit, and it improves all your communication skills!

1) Getting fit while having fun

If you’ve done AcroYoga before, the first thing you’ll find is that it’s so much fun!

More often than not, the class feels way too short, and your excitement is far from over at the end.

We’ve heard several people about their sleepless nights from bouncing around after an exhilarating class ;)

And then the next day you find out that you didn’t just play, but you trained muscles that you didn’t even know you had!

We believe that the best way to grow, learn and get fit is by moving in a way that you love.

When you’re having fun like that, you’re like a child that just can’t get enough.

And in the meantime you’ll notice yourself getting stronger, happier and healthier.


2) Forging deeper connections

AcroYoga is not just an invitation to play around, but also to connect and make friends.

In our community we invite everyone to come as they are.

Feeling welcomed however you feel at the moment helps you to relax and just be yourself.

This authenticity makes for true connections.

The friends you make while being true to yourself become real friends.

3) Giving & receiving loving touch

This is another way in which we forge those deep connections:

AcroYoga includes therapeutic flying and Thai massage,

inviting us to give and receive loving touch to our friends.

It’s in our human nature to be connected within a tribe, and to touch and be touched.

AcroYoga provides a safe space in which we can re-learn these natural traits,

and feel deeply nourished as a result.

Way better than Netflix and chocolate (although you can always mix Thai massage with chocolate...)

4) Improving communication skills

In AcroYoga we work and play together all the time.

So in order to find out how to best perform a pose or flow, we need to communicate with our partners.

Not just with words, but also with our presence, our way of touching, even with how we breathe!

During AcroYoga you’ll experience fun moments, stressful moments, frustration perhaps, excitement and joy.

How do you communicate with a partner in all of these states? Practicing AcroYoga will naturally teach you what works and what doesn’t.

Want to read more about AcroYoga & communication skills? Check out this blog Marijke wrote.

5) Gaining confidence

The exhilaration of doing something that you didn’t think was possible for you,

finally being able to trust your body and swinging up into a handstand,

sticking a pose that you’ve worked so hard to master: AcroYoga is an amazing confidence builder.

And not just your physical achievements, but also the simple act of playing with others,

being in your body instead of in your mind, and living in the moment:

all of this creates the natural confidence you feel when you’re simply in the Now.

Over to you:

Do you see any more benefits to AcroYoga?

Let me know in the comments below!

Hugs, Roald

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