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Self massage - enjoy your own loving touch!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Who doesn't love receiving a #massage? Especially when we feel tired or vulnerable, loving touch can be a welcome gift. But you might be single, your friend or partner is busy and the masseuse is fully booked...

Feet & legs

Good news is: you can give it to yourself!

I’ve recorded a Thai self massage video for you,

containing a short meditation & yummy sequence for the feet and legs.

So put on some relaxing music, get comfy and enjoy your own loving touch!

Energy Flow

Thai self massage is developed thousands of years ago by the monks in Thailand. It was actually developed before partner massage. The monks used self massage to open up the energy channels in their body. According to Thai Massage philosophy, if energy flows freely troughout your body, you will stay in good health.

Influence yoga

Thai massage techniques came to Thailand thousands of years ago, together with Boeddism, from India. Therefore, you see the influence of yoga in traditional Thai Massage. We massage AND stretch the body. Stretching also stimulates energy flow.

photo credit: Nathan White


Thai Massage relaxes muscles and relieves tension, but the focus is on the energetic body. Like in acupuncture and yoga, you work on the energy lines and acupressure points. This helps to prevent sickness, reliefs symptoms and can even heal disease.

Scientists agree on this, even though they don’t understand how it works. No wonder the Thai prefer going to the masseuse in stead of the doctor.

Want to learn more about Thai Massage?

Check out our blog about massaging the hands, which also contains a free instructional video.



Photo credit: Jared Rice

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