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Massaging the hands

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Want to give your lover or dear friend a nice #present?

How about an intimate hand #massage?

Share the art of loving touch & get connected to each other!

Calm & energized

You know that feeling of being energized and calm at the same time? Let’s call it focus. By massaging the hands, that’s the feeling that can come up. Also, there are lots of acupressure points on the hands, which you’ll activate with certain massage techniques.

Healthy hands

For instance, they work against headache, stiffness in the neck and a sore throat. With hand massage, you can also strengthen the hands, ease arthritis and stretch the palm to free fibrotic tissues. All good for keeping your hands healthy, and we need that for solid #handstands!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your partner or friend and try it out with this instruction video!

Want to learn more about Thai Massage?

Check out our blog about Self Massage, which also contains a free instructional video.


Marijke & Roald

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