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What makes AcroYoga so addictive? - part 2

Updated: May 7, 2021

If you've done #AcroYoga a couple of times, chances are quite high that you felt yourself getting hooked. Why is that? What makes AcroYoga so enticing and addictive? In today's blog I'll give my take on that.

Authenticity and loving kindness

It’s something that’s kinda scary (or a lot sometimes!) but eventually I believe it’s what we all want: to be our authentic selves.

It hurts and takes a lot of energy to try and be someone that we’re not. So when we’re invited to just “come as we are”, and play as that, this can be (although vulnerable) a great relief.

AcroYoga invites us to find the willingness in ourselves to accept others as they are, and to receive the same from them.

Slowly and gently relaxing our defenses, we liberate ourselves. A lot of energy is freed up, which can then be used to: Play and have fun!

Getting out of your head and into your Life

(being physical in more ways than one)

Netflix, Instagram and Facebook can only satisfy your yearning for adventure for a short amount of time, and ultimately they don’t bring fulfillment.

It’s in the present moment that our true wealth lies, and what better way to arrive here than to get into our bodies!

This practice invites us to get really physical, to get sweaty and sore (the next day ;) ), to train our bodies without even realizing so.

This creates a powerful shift in the way our mind works and how we see the world.

If you’ve ever attended an AcroYoga class, you know what I mean.

You never leave feeling similar to when you entered the space.

Now of course, you’re free to see this practice as a fun distraction in an otherwise stressful life, but perhaps you want to entertain the possibility that this is life.

Becoming embodied like this “plugs you in” to Life itself, and gives you a taste of what it could be like.

Why not create more and more and more of this for yourself?

You are granted permission to play and create your own wonderful life!


In AcroYoga, we have the opportunity to unlearn what is unnatural to us.

Instead of having to achieve great things, we laugh when we fail (and grow nonetheless).

Rather than having to be a perfect person, we meet each other as we are, with all of our flaws, emotions and sincerity.

Instead of living in our heads, we are invited to start living from the heart and in our bodies again.

Permission to be ourselves.

So why is AcroYoga so addictive? Well, perhaps it’s not an addiction, but more: a possible answer to a deep longing that so many of us feel. To experience Life as your playground, to feel a sense of belonging, to be connected to other amazing human beings, to feel truly alive and embodied, and to shine just the way you are.

All the while playing like big little children.

Here's a fun flow which will defiantly help you to get into that state of playfulness!

See you at the playground!



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