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AcroYoga Superpowers

When you read the title of this week’s blog, you might think about how to get really strong, fearless or skilled at AcroYoga.

And yes, that does feel powerful in its own way, and we all love the sense of accomplishment that we get when mastering a certain skill level.

But what we mean with AcroYoga Superpowers has to do with the unique human strengths that everyone brings to the mix.

Gifts and Talents You might be naturally gifted with flexibility or strength, a positive mindset, a caring heart or great communication skills.

We don’t always recognize our natural talents and gifts for what they are, because they feel so, well… natural. This is the water we’re swimming in.

The vulnerability of acknowledging our power

Also, most of us have learned to make ourselves smaller than we are.

We’ve learned that there’s something wrong with being great, amazing, wonderful and radiant.

When we then acknowledge that we have great people skills for instance, it might feel vulnerable, because our inner critic is right there to shame us and tell us we shouldn’t brag.

So admitting your strengths can be a practice in itself: how much do you dare to stand in your power, and admit that you’re wonderful in your own right?

Turning lead into gold

Some strengths haven’t come naturally to us. They are actually a result of a long and often arduous process of self development.

When I was a teenager, I was extremely insecure and afraid of other people. I was terrified that they would laugh at me, mock me, and see me as dirty, ugly and weird.

This fear left me so psychologically frozen, that I would isolate myself from others as much as I could.

Turning that lead into gold has been a long and tough process, but looking back, I feel grateful that this anxiety and the accompanying depressions have put me on my spiritual path of personal growth.

Learning from all kinds of transformational methods and spiritual practices, I have become a very good coach in my own right.

If I hadn’t gone through all this pain and hardship, I would never be able to meet others in those deep places.

Also, it has led me to truly wanting to follow my heart and do the things I love, like teaching others AcroYoga for instance!

What are your AcroYoga Superpowers?

What talents or gifts do you possess that you naturally extend to others? This can be in AcroYoga, but it doesn’t have to be.

And do you also have areas in your life where you’ve transformed your personal roadblocks into something positive?

Perhaps you’re still hitting those roadblocks as we speak, but maybe -if you take a peek into your future- you can see what it will lead you to eventually... :-)

Don’t have any Superpowers?

If this is what your head says to you, think again. Because we all have superpowers, and maybe it just feels scary to acknowledge them.

Take a moment to ask yourself:”What am I good at? What is my gift?”.

It might just be the thing that you see as your weakness...

Let’s find out!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! And please do share your thoughts in the comments below.



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