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Tips for the AcroYogically hopeful... (part II)

The current times can be challenging for most of us in some way or another.

On the other hand, because so much has shifted, and things we took for granted two years ago have now become special, this might also have shifted your perspective on life a bit.

And sometimes, we may find blessings in disguise.

Blessing or curse

I believe that everything - and I literally mean everything - that we initially experience as a curse, holds a blessing for us if we’re willing to see.

And I’m not saying that’s always easy, but when we do, the gold that is revealed in your heart and mind will serve as an awesome reward.

I believe that Life happens for us, not against us.

We sometimes just need time to see it.

A practice that you could try on, is to look at something that bothers you, and ask yourself:"If there were a blessing in this situation, what would it be?”

Don’t try to find the answer, but be still, and see what comes…

Another -and perhaps easier to begin with- practice, can be to write down three things you’re grateful for every day.

Regularly doing this - focusing on gratitude and seeing blessings - is like putting on different colored glasses.

You’ll start seeing what you couldn’t see before, which is: You are blessed. Your life is rich already. You just didn’t see it (yet).

And in case you feel annoyed or in any way bothered by reading the above, you'll be amazed what happens when you actually give it a shot.

Try it, and find out!


We have already posted two blogs about treating yourself with a self massage.

It's a wonderful way to give some loving touch to yourself.

At the same time, it might not always be the easiest way.

Because giving care to others is usually easier for us than giving it to ourselves.

The magic of AcroYoga is - of course - the wonderful connection we feel when we’re immersed in play.

Now this might seem like a strange idea at first, but actually this connection is with ourselves. Even though it feels like it's coming from the people around us.

When we play with others, it’s usually much easier to get out of our heads, into our bodies and into the moment. And this state of being is what feels so great!

Just check for yourself: Every time you've felt wonderful, this feeling was inside you, right?

So..."SelfcroYoga" right?

This one is especially good if you don’t have AcroYoga buddies, cats or a partner.

For SelfcoYoga you can use any type of movement: Yoga, dance, Qigong, a workout, or even a walk in the park.

This is basically a meditation, where you use a form of movement that you enjoy(!).

It’s not meant to “get better at something”, it’s about feeling your body intimately, and being in the now.

While you’re doing this practice, become aware of the pleasant sensations in your body that make you feel alive: Tingling, warmth, relaxation, flow, a sense of expansion, magnetism, enthusiasm, energy, the beating of your heart.

Tip: To sense more, take moments during the practice to just close your eyes, be still and feel...

This sounds deceptively simple, but it creates an inner sense of connectedness, calming the mind, and opening you to Life.

And don't we all want to feel more connected and open?

Here are some videos that might inspire you for your self practice.

Choose one that excites you, and try it out!



P.S. Let me know in the comments if you liked this blog, and what you feel inspired to do for yourself. Thanks!

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