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What makes AcroYoga so addictive?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Part 1

If you've done #AcroYoga a couple of times, chances are quite high that you felt yourself getting hooked. Why is that? What makes AcroYoga so enticing and addictive? In today's blog I'll give my take on that.

Endless growth and variation

AcroYoga is a practice that consists of so many layers and aspects, that it provides almost never-ending opportunities to learn, play, grow and be creative.

In AcroYoga, we don’t just learn all kinds of acrobatic tricks and flows (which is quite a limitless assortment by itself).

We also learn the art of therapeutic flying, which blends acrobatic skills with therapeutic, loving touch.

But then it’s also a yoga practice, an opportunity to learn Thai Massage, and some kick-ass relationship skills.

Lastly, in AcroYoga you’re invited to step out of your comfort zone, and be your own weird, loving, funny, colorful and sensitive self.

You’ll never stop learning once you step into this world…

Learning through play

For children, everything is play.

We absorb the world and all of its wonders with amazing eagerness. This is one of the reasons why babies and children learn and transform so much in so little time.

A research once showed that almost 100% of children under the age of 5 could be considered “divergent thinkers” (in other words: geniuses).

This same research showed that as these children age, go to school, and learn to adapt to our society and system, this percentage goes down and down and down.

I believe this is because we unlearn our natural way of being, which is pure playfulness, openness and connection to our inner guidance.

Instead, we learn to listen to the opinions of the outside world.

We learn to trust what we’re being told instead of what we feel deeply within ourselves.

We learn that there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

In a sense, AcroYoga could be seen as a kind of “un-schooling” method, in which the best way to learn is by becoming playful again, and the best AcroYogi is not the one who is technically the most adept, but the one who is having the most fun.

Connection, community and a sense of belonging

In this modern digital world, filled with social media and infinite ways of being “connected”, there’s also massive loneliness, depression, stress and a sense of disconnection.

AcroYoga gently invites us out of our buzzing heads and into our vibrant bodies.

We start feeling more connected: first to our own bodies, our feelings, ourselves.

And then to the people that surround us.

As we dare to open up more, we realize that we’re invited to be part of a (worldwide) community of playful people, and we start feeling a deeper sense of belonging as part of this tribe.



Coming up next week: Part 2 of “What makes AcroYoga so addictive?”

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