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Make Adventure your new habit

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I just returned from a two-month trip to Mexico.

And experienced my share of adventures while I was there.

Some were great fun, others were more like “let’s get the hell out of here!”,

but all were different and new.

Usually it’s easier to have these ‘new and unknown’ experiences when we’re away from home,

and away from our routines.

But I’ve taken a lesson from my time in Mexico: you don’t have to go to another country or continent to be ‘traveling’. And you don’t need to get away from it all, in order to experience adventure.

Sure, daily demands will get in the way sometimes, but living a life of adventure is mainly about choosing to.

Adventure as a daily habit

When you return after a holiday or journey, your old patterns and habits will be there for you, waiting to snap you right back into their groove.

Even if you feel different and transformed, they'll be your trusted companions,

ready to help you live the life from before.

No matter what, routines are an integral part of our lives.

But what about creating new patterns that you love?

How would it be to have adventure as your daily habit?

To see and think in adventurous and creative ways?

“But how?”, you might ask:”With everything going on in my life, I don’t have time for adventure!”

And I would answer:”By making it super small”.

Here's a very adventurous flow for you...

Everyday Adventures

You might feel the tendency to make ‘adventure’ into something BIG and life changing.

And I think that’s a great way to get stuck and do nothing.

But how about one-minute adventures? Like for instance: "I will do one sun salutation or one headstand today. In the park!"

Or:"I'll do AcroYoga with my parents / dog / partner"

-“I will take one minute to really enjoy the sun shining on my face”.

-“I'll skate to work instead of taking the bike”.

And maybe, just maybe, your adventure is in simply writing down what you could do.

Just enjoying that.

Adventure and Travel are states of being, not places on a map

Have you ever gone to a beautiful place, only to find yourself repeating the same problems in your head?

Or, instead of enjoying nature, you got lost on your phone?

True adventure is about being so fully in the present moment

that everything appears fresh and new and full of potential.

And you can experience that right now:

Your turn

Go ahead and ask yourself: What would make this moment / this day more adventurous?

And find your 5-second or one minute adventure.

Do it right now. Just one minute.

And then let me know in the comments what you did ;)

Let’s play… :)

Hugs, Roald

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