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How your (AcroYoga) wishes create your reality

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We've just started a new course, a new Adventure.

And it's always a pleasure, because AcroYoga attracts such wonderful people!

It's quite special to feel the openness, love, care and awareness

that our students bring into the mix.

Weekly themes

To create a deeper layer of development in our courses, we always work with themes.

And this time around, we'll share these weekly themes with you in our blogs.

Usually, we start our first class by setting an intention.

But this time we’ve chosen to tweak the theme a tiny bit,

and instead we invited our students to connect with their wishes and longings.

The reason being, that setting an intention can sometimes feel

like setting a 'goal' that you want to reach.

In the case of wishes and longings, it's more like extending an invitation.

Now, we are opening ourselves for a certain life experience, which can be 'mastering the handstand', 'learning massage', 'feeling more confident', or 'accepting myself more'.

Maybe your wish is to become really good at giving & receiving Thai Massage...

A little experiment you can do yourself

Anytime you want to make a shift in the direction of what you want

(instead of what you don’t want), you can do this little experiment:

Ask yourself: "Wouldn't it be nice if…"

and then add your wish.

Instead of:"I'll never get a handstand", you can say:"Wouldn't it be nice if I learned a handstand this year?"

Instead of:”I feel so insecure when I do AcroYoga”, you can say:”Wouldn’t it be nice if I felt secure and confident while playing acro?”

or:"Wouldn't it be nice if this year turns out to be the happiest, most loving year I've ever experienced?" (dream big!)

Want to make this exercise even more powerful?

Take a moment after expressing your wish, to imagine what it would feel and be like, if this were true right now.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and then imagine it, see yourself, feel what it’s like.

In order to create a certain reality, you first need to imagine that it’s actually possible.

Try it out!

Make sure to give this one a shot.

It seems very simple, but this stuff really works.

This little trick can shift your whole perspective to a space of adventurous possibilities.

And that's exactly what we aim to bring more of, with the Playful People Tribe.



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