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Create - Creativity - AcroYoga!

In AcroYoga you can learn amazing tricks, flows, whips, pops, and spectacular endeavors.

That’s all great fun, and we love it! But sometimes it can also lead to perfectionism and a constant striving for the next buzz.

As we bring in the theme of creativity in our courses, it’s a reminder that not all AcroYoga has to be ‘beautiful’, that the ‘brainstorm’ can be the end goal, and that taking yourself less seriously is a great accomplishment in itself!

At the end of every course, our students give a short AcroYoga performance

where they share what they’ve learned during the course.

We love seeing how much fun goes into the making of these creations.

Even those who initially feel nervous or resistant to the idea of ‘performing’, experience the joy of self-expression, teamwork, and not taking themselves too seriously.

Rather than showing off your best tricks, this is about reinventing yourself, playing outside your comfort zone and showing a part of yourself to others.

Limitation = creative flow In our world of endless possibilities, it can sometimes be challenging to make things happen. Too much choice actually stresses us out, because it means we need to make lots of decisions.

That’s why the best smartphone apps are designed in a way that you barely have to make a decision at all.

Though this might not be the best example of how less choice creates more creativity… it is true that when we set limitations on ourselves, a strange and interesting thing happens: we actually become more creative, and feel more free.

Last-minute assignments

Have you ever had ten minutes to clean your house, or five minutes to get yourself ready for a last-minute trip? Then you know what I mean: you don’t think about it, you just get it done. BAM!

In that same way, we like to give students a five minute assignment to create a performance. There’s basically no time for overthinking or getting nervous. And it’s impossible to get perfectionistic about it, because “no way I’m going to deliver my best work within five minutes!” At least, that’s what people might think, and it’s exactly there that little miracles can happen.

Hugs, Roald

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