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5 tips to become a great flyer

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

A frequent flyer definitely equals a good #flyer. Getting stronger and more flexible too. But what makes a flyer great? We believe practicing surrendering & communicating your needs for instance will make a big difference. What else? Check out these 5 tips!

1. Let your base lead you

Do you like to be in charge? That might be reflected while flying, by taking the lead and telling your base what to do. Or, you’ve decided to be a base and aren’t even reading this blog ;)

If you are reading it and the words above apply to you, tell your inner ‘bossy flyer’ you understand his or her tendency AND that it’s ok to let go of control.

It’s the base’s job to lead.

If you rush ahead, he or she might not be ready for the next movement and unable to catch you.

So follow your bases’ feet and hands. Listen. And practice patience.

2. Find the balance between tension & relaxation

When we fly, body tension is required. Think of uncooked spaghetti, that’s easier to balance on your hand than cooked spaghetti, right?

But if you tighten every muscle, you actually become very heavy and much harder to balance.