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  • Roald

AcroYoga and the art of communication

AcroYoga is all about communication.

In this week’s blog, I want to share some common pitfalls that we can encounter, plus ways to upgrade our communication skills.

What you focus on expands

What often happens is that we focus on what’s going wrong.

We say things like:”You’re bending your arms”, when we actually need to say:”Can you straighten your arms?” for instance.

But instead of putting the focus on what is happening,

we need to focus on where we want to be.

Wow, isn’t that a life lesson in a nutshell?

When we focus on -and communicate- what we do want, our partner actually understands what we mean, and they can adjust accordingly.

I love how AcroYoga shows us -in a very direct and physical way- the path to getting what we want in life.

Finding humility

As an acrobat (and especially as a base), I learned to find fault with my flyer when a trick didn’t work out.

While I sometimes gave valuable corrections, this way of communicating caused irritation and misunderstandings, as you might imagine.

I still make jokes about it to my students when I tell them to “always blame the other”.