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7 tricks to improve your handstand

Are you practicing your handstands a lot, but still struggling to find the balance? Don’t give up! Read this blog instead. Afterwards, you’ll be spending more time upside down for sure!

Maybe you're struggling your way up through a straddle or tuck jump, without finding balance?

Knock it off! There are better ways to find the balance. I’m sharing them in this blog.

** Only try these exercises if your arms are strong enough to stand upside down for a while **

1. Use a wall

First of all: the wall is your friend. A solid friend who is always there for you ;) So whenever you practice handstands, make sure there’s one nearby.

If you’re practicing to balance without a wall, you’re spending a lot of time and energy getting in and out of your handstand. Using a wall is much more efficient.

Also, you can be more precise. While swinging up, you can easily overpower and kick yourself out of balance. With a wall, you can really take your time to find the balance.

2. Pull yourself off the wall with your fingers

Make sure you’re quite close to the wall. If you’re too close, you’ll easily fall to the ground. If you’re too far away, you’ll arch your body too much. Just try out which distance works for you.

Once you’re up against the wall, focus on aligning your body. You want to stack your bones as much as possible and become a ‘plank’. So: