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Tips for the AcroYogically frustrated...

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

These times have been challenging for most of us in some way or another.

On the other hand, because so much has shifted, and things we took for granted two years ago have now become special, this might also have shifted your perspective on life a bit.

And sometimes, we find blessings in disguise.

In times like these, we become increasingly aware of what truly matters to us.

And I hope this blog can serve as a gentle reminder of that.

I’m not going to talk about AcroYoga tricks and poses, but I like to see AcroYoga as a holistic way of living that includes much more than just that.

The way we connect, how we take care of ourselves, our daily mindset, and the beliefs we hold dear, can make us into a happy and AcroYogi on and off the mat.

Daily rituals and practices

For many of us, the outside structure has fallen away.

In those moments it’s very important to create a daily structure that is nourishing to us.

We can use our daily rituals and practices, reminding us of what we truly value,

and live our lives from that space.

For instance, I like to start my days with a gratitude meditation, EFT tapping, some breath work,

a morning swim and an intense workout.

To me, this is a great start of the day,

and it opens my mind to a positive and loving way of seeing life.

We all have daily rituals, the question is: Are they conscious or unconscious habits,

and do they help you to move in the direction you want?

What is your daily ritual? And if you don’t have one: what would your ideal daily ritual look like? Which practice feels nourishing and empowering to you? What helps you to see possibilities instead of closed doors? How would you like to kick-start your days?

In the videos below you'll find some inspiration for a daily ritual.

Share your insights and rituals in the comments below and let’s inspire each other!



Photo credit: Balu Gáspár

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