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The Sky is the Beginning

You’re capable of more than you think...

Next week is Ascension Day (Hemelvaart), so what better opportunity to write about one of our favorite mottos: “The sky is the beginning”?

For us, this motto points to our limitless nature. We are full of possibilities, only bound by what we’re thinking and believing.

And this goes for AcroYoga AND for daily life!

In this week’s blog, I’ll give you 3 Jedi Mind Switch tricks to upgrade your mindset so can you grow sky-high, both on and off the yoga mat :)

From darkness into light

We are currently moving from winter into springtime and then summer, in several ways:

We’re changing seasons, but we’re also moving from lockdown-restrictions to a place of more freedom in movement and play.

Hopefully this “winter” has served as a way for you to go within, and connect to what is important to you.

Now we get to go outside, play with our friends, and share our gifts with each other.

The sky is the beginning

In AcroYoga, the sky is literally the beginning: We start by flying, however floppy we may feel at our first tries.

And as we learn and grow, we get to fly (or base) higher and higher, we get to soar!

But this principle isn’t just physical: we also grow in confidence. Become stronger. Achieve things that we didn’t consider possible before. We start believing in ourselves.

And hopefully, as Marijke wrote about in last week’s blog: we learn that having fun is the most important part!

Cool tricks AND true life skills

For us, Playful People Tribe is a place where we learn cool tricks and gain true life skills while practicing.

When we say:"Return to your natural state of playfulness", we mean just that.

This playfulness invites us to be our natural selves, filled with joy and possibility.

What would it be like to give yourself permission to live in this way?

Not just when doing AcroYoga, but all the time? To see life as a playground filled with opportunities for adventure,

growth and meeting new friends?

How would it be to clearly see that the only thing that’s stopping you from living your greatest life, is what you believe?

And that it’s possible to shed those beliefs and “let the sun shine in”...

The Jedi Mind Switch

Here are some simple & powerful tools you can use for that:

1. What you don’t want, points to what you do want

Whenever you notice something that you don’t want, turn it into it’s positive opposite:”I don’t want to argue with my flyer” becomes “I want to agree with my flyer!”.

Sounds too simple, right? Give it a try and be amazed.

2. "What would it be like if…"

This sentence invites you to consider a new perspective, without "fighting" your current one.

Let’s say you’re arguing with your flyer (again? ;-) ), then ask yourself:

“What would it be like if we had a wonderful and loving communication?”

What happens is this: when you ask your mind a question, it can’t help but provide an answer.

When you make sure to ask the right question, you’ll get the answer you wish for.

3. EFT Tapping

I have found this to be one of the most amazing tools ever to transform beliefs.

We mentioned this last week already, and that's because it's just awesome.

If you ever feel stuck, go here and type in your issue.

I’m betting that you will find relief and gain a new perspective as well!

(And if you have any questions about tapping, let me know!)

Now over to you

I get very excited when I realize that the only thing holding me back in life, is beliefs that aren’t actually true.

And that makes me very curious to see what is possible in life.

Instead of "having problems", we get to go on a grand adventure!

(sounds much better right?)

How about you?

What excites you?

What beliefs would you like to let go of, and which insight or realization would you like to replace them with?

I'd love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below!



Now, put the theory into practice with this fun instructional video about ins' & outs in AcroYoga. Enjoy!

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