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  • Roald

The Sky is the Beginning

You’re capable of more than you think...

Next week is Ascension Day (Hemelvaart), so what better opportunity to write about one of our favorite mottos: “The sky is the beginning”?

For us, this motto points to our limitless nature. We are full of possibilities, only bound by what we’re thinking and believing.

And this goes for AcroYoga AND for daily life!

In this week’s blog, I’ll give you 3 Jedi Mind Switch tricks to upgrade your mindset so can you grow sky-high, both on and off the yoga mat :)

From darkness into light

We are currently moving from winter into springtime and then summer, in several ways:

We’re changing seasons, but we’re also moving from lockdown-restrictions to a place of more freedom in movement and play.

Hopefully this “winter” has served as a way for you to go within, and connect to what is important to you.

Now we get to go outside, play with our friends, and share our gifts with each other.

The sky is the beginning

In AcroYoga, the sky is literally the beginning: We start by flying, however floppy we may feel at our f