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Get back into AcroYoga shape with us!

Who said getting in shape is supposed to be tedious, hard and lonely?

We’re here to make getting fit and strong fun for you.

And to remind you that summer is coming and things are starting to open up again

(as if you hadn’t noticed ;-) )

So it's time to wake up your body and activate those muscles for some serious playfulness in the near future!

I'll keep this blog short, because the main ingredient is the playlist I'll share with you.

You can jump into this Summer Challenge at your current level of fitness,

and step up the challenge as you get stronger.

Create your own best routine:

√1. Move along with all the videos, which will take you about 10 minutes

√2. Pick the movements you want to focus on, however long or short you want

√3. Go for the Complete Challenge, and practice each movement on every level

√4. For the best experience: Share your workout routine with an AcroYoga friend!

Bonus partner challenges:

1. Perform every movement synchronized

2. Jedi level: Alternate every movement: when you go up, they go down, and so on.

Even just 5 minutes of movement will have a massive impact on your state of body and mind, so:

Let's go and get ready for lots of AcroYoga fun as the summer comes along!



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